Doesn't work on drupal 7

There's a problem in the way the path gets handled. I tested on two drupal 7 installs.

If you send from http://domain/node/5 the path in the log appears as http://domain/node/dupeoff/check without the nid and this is the error:
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$nid in dupeoff_check_api() (line 31 of sites\all\modules\dupeoff\dupeoff_api.php).

I changed the path of the node to http://domain/article and it appears in the log as http://domain/dupeoff/check.

The referrer appears correct in the log but the location is a different story



Thanks for the report! Yes, the Drupal module needs some love. Will be a few more days until I can fix it.

I bought checks because I need the service, and there was no warning that the drupal module isn't currently working. Is there some soft of patch or something for this to work on drupal while you're sorting this out?