Find plagiarism and duplicate content easily


# of queries * 250 000100 00050 00025 0005 000
Price per query  0.04 cent <- BEST Value 0.05 cent0.07 cent0.08 cent 0.1 cent
Get It 250 000 queries 100 000 queries 50 000 queries 25 000 queries 5 000 queries
* 1 query = 1 request to the search engine API, so a 600 word article that consists of circa 30-50 sentences will count as 30-50 queries.
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Why DupeOff?

You can easily search for duplication or plagiarism of your content by simply pasting parts of your text into a search engine. This free and easy method quickly becomes tedious and error prone when you have a lot of content to check. Also, most of the time content owners only check the first sentence, but forerunners or content thieves often have deeper parts of your writing.

Let DupeOff automate your search for duplicate content, and you can search in Google and Bing at the same time!


  • Searching billions of Google and Bing records
  • Usage based pricing, no monthly subscriptions or license fees
  • Cheapest on the market, as low as 0.04c per query sent to the search engines
  • Transparent algorithm
  • Flexible API
  • Lots of plugins, for example: Wordpress Plugin

DupeOff vs Competitors

Search EnginesOne Search Engine per checkGoogle and Bing at the same time
Algorithm?Per sentence or subsentence, state of the art Natural Language Processing algorithms for extracting sentences.
ResultGoogle like search resultComprehensive report
FreeOnly URL Checks (text checks only with paid API)URL and Text Checks
PriceFree On Site1 Free check per day for first 4 sentences, after that 0.1 c per check
API5 cents per check0.1 c per check

How plagiarism and duplicate content hurts you?

When others copy your content, it will become less relevant as an originating and authoritative source and your efforts in creating this content wont reap you any rewards. You may even be thought of as just another copycat, hence you must stand up and fight with thieves. On the other side of the coin, you should realize that forerunners may have created parts or all of your ideas already, hence you must perform due dilligence in order to avoid wasted effort and punishment down the line. Let's see some real life examples: 

  • Webmasters: Have you been experiencing declining search traffic lately and have no clue why? Verify that your content has not been taken by a larger site that may parade itself as the creator!
  • Students: Wrote a great essay but forgot to add citations for quotes? Quickly find the source of parts taken from elsewhere.
  • Business owner: Have a business proposal? Is it unique enough to stand on its own in the market? Time to find out...