I bought credit but it still says i have none

I just bough 5000 checks of credit yet I can't use the Wordpress plugin as it says I have no credit and the "remaining credit" top right of your website says I have zero. If i go to the transactions page it says i purchases 5000 so I know that worked. Please can you fix this and tell me when it is working ASAP. I have paid for something I can't use!


Hello Matt, Have you inputted your DupeOff username and password on the WP DupeOff Admin page? Cheers, George Admin

I signed in with Facebook so I dont have a current username or password. I can't change the password too as it errors saying "no current password"

Dear Matt, Apoligies for the delay. I just returned from the weekend. I mailed you a password just now and also added an extra 100 DupeOff checks because of this issue. George

Thanks for the password. Now it only worked for the first 5 or so dupe checks. They worked very well but now I get told I need to add my Google search API key to my profile. it's already in there. I double checked.

Have you enabled Google billing? Google limits your queries to 100 free query per day. For more than that you need to enable billing in Google Services.

Closing this issue for now as it is fixed. I am also working on a feature request from Matt that we discussed via email.